What we do

Family and senior legal advice

Family structures, family members and seniors have rights! In Switzerland most of the inhabitants want to enjoy a carefree life as a family, as a cohabitation and later as a senior citizen Unfortunately, this does n

Children legal advice

Children have rights! Parents, school, environment and environment, sports club and authorities have the task and the will to protect the rights of children and to ensure the children a carefree childhood and a good

Support authorities

Authorities enforce applicable law and take action! The state regulates the coexistence of the people in our country and for this purpose issues laws and ordinances. The goal of the state is the smooth and orderly c

Political initiative

Politics is committed to the people! Politicians recognize maladministration and enact laws and regulations within the framework of applicable, higher-level law. Politics governs the interaction of the will of the p

Case Management

Global solutions to conflicts and overwork, families / children / authorities Problems in the legal system with persons, families and children in connection with authorities, separations and difficult life situati